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29 May 2014

Welcome to my blog-site Platypus Innovation.

The platypus caused consternation, shattered existing categories. It's existence was undeniable, but how should taxonomic theory be adapted to accommodate this uncomfortable fact?
This blog is also hard to classify. It loosely follows the interests and activities of Winterwell Associates, but it also includes personal material. Topics are likely to range from business affairs to new media via abstract mathematics.

One purpose of this site is to test out some of Winterwell's web technology. This site will sync with my SoDash account, which unlocks some rather unique features, though you're unlikely to encounter them during normal browsing.

Where will this blog go? From humble acorns, great oaks grow. But what if we've planted peanuts by mistake? Or genetically modified acorns that will turn into Evil Oaks? Only time will tell.

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