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24 November 2017

UK Chancellor says: Driverless cars by 2021

The AI revolution is getting real: Chancellor Philip Hammond aims for the UK to be using driverless cars in 4 years time.[1] He warns people to: "retrain and re-skill [in what?] so they can take up the many, many new jobs that this economy will be throwing up" [doing what?]

The AI revolution will reduce jobs, especially the ones that employ lots of people. Blue collar, but also white collar, and also management. Computer industry jobs like, er, mine, will go too. This is potentially but not necessarily terrible: if society can be run for the common good, then the extra time & wealth will be a good thing.

Back to Hammond's many many jobs. Here's one new job automation creates: being human for legal reasons.

[1] Philip Hammond pledges driverless cars by 2021 and warns people to retrain. The Guardian.

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